The Healing Codes and How They Work

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Samy Jackson asked:

The Healing Codes are a new system based on energy healing.

They were developed by Dr. Alex Loyd after many years of research to help him find a solution for his wife’s chronic depression.

The codes just appeared to him in a flash. In Dr Loyd’s own words, “it was like a download in my brain” and what we would normally call channeling.

The Healing Codes are an alternative healing method that centers on the human energy field for healing. Energy medicine isn’t like conventional medicine and you don’t have to take any medications. Instead healing is made possible through subtle, non-physical means.

Energy healing helps restore and re-balance your body’s own naturally existing energies. Although this type of healing is considered, “New Age”, and many are skeptical, it has been well documented in traditional Chinese medicine.

This type of healing is totally harmless!

Our energy systems are made up of vibrational frequencies and there are many ways that we can help these energies regain their balance. However, this is one of the few that has been scientifically tested and is not surrounded by the mysticism of some of the other energy therapies.

Dr. Loyd’s miraculous study found that his system not only removed stress and healed depression and other psychological issues, but also most physiological disorders.

Very soon he discovered that the codes could be used to allow the body to heal itself whatever the illness.

Dr. Loyd was really astounded by the results of the unexplainable plan of the four new healing centers in the body that he started to do HRT (Heart Rate Variability) scans before and after using The Healing Codes. The outcome was totally amazing and he discovered that eighty percent of the time that he could teach the average person how to re-balance their stress level in less than twenty minutes.

This is possibly the only means to control the autonomic nervous system, remove stress and restore the immune system so that it functions correctly and eliminates disease.

So, how do The Healing Codes work?

This process works by removing stress. However, you may not know what is really meant by this, as most of us think that we become stressed by things outside of us, such as moving house, tight deadlines at work or a bad relationship.

But, it is not anything outside of you or the circumstances you find yourself in that causes disease. It is the stress inside caused by cellular memories, which in turn cause your immune system to shut down. Your body then becomes a safe haven for physical, emotional and mental illnesses.

It is these memories that make destructive energy patterns that cause health problems.

Our bodies harbor hundreds of wrong beliefs, which are the result of our experience in childhood and the rest of our life. They give off destructive energy signals and promote fear, resentment, anger, low self worth, sadness and bitterness.

The process entails using both hands to point the tips of your fingers towards the various healing centers in your body.

Once you remove the negative cellular memories, with The Healing Codes, you restore your immune system so that it becomes wholly operational, so that your body can heal anything.

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