Healing Codes – What Are They?

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Richard Trott asked:

What are healing codes? Well, these codes are part of a system of energy healing and are an alternative to regular healing. Basically, they revolve around the field of energy within a body to effectively heal its users. This doesn’t work the same way as medicine, though. In fact, it has nothing to do with it. Instead, people are healed through a non-physical and subtle way by using a code to balance the natural energies inside their bodies and restore them to their original states.

Now, some people might call this healing “New Age” and various healing codes testimonials are sure to say skeptical things about it, but the truth is: they get their roots from China and are actually harmless.

To help you understand things more, you should know that the body has various energy systems with various vibrational frequencies for each one. Consequently, it is inevitable for the energies in your body to go out of whack sometimes and because of this, you need to re-balance them through this code. Contrary to popular belief, this type of healing is actually scientifically tested as opposed to mystified like many people believe it to be.

In fact, healing codes reviews prove that both depression and stress can be healed along with various other psychological conditions with it and it can even help with various physiological problems, as well. One particular healing code review even claims that it probably has the ability to help anybody heal any kind of sickness out there. Nothing else attempts to control the body’s autonomic nervous system or attempts to make the body’s immune system work properly again. Nothing else attempts to eliminate stress or any other disease for that matter, either. Healing codes are the only ones that make those promises, but how do they work?

These type of code eliminates stress produced by cellular memories that close down the immune system. These cellular memories can be blamed for your body wanting to become a home for various sicknesses of the mind, body and soul. They can also be blamed for creating destructive health and energy patterns overall.

A healing code will use nothing but your hands. This means that your fingers will do the job of pointing onto your body’s centers of healing. This, in turn, will help eliminate those bad cellular memories, which will make your immune system return to normal and heal your body completely.

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