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Marina Rose asked:

Imagine owning and being 100% in your own power, being self reliant, self responsible and self empowered. Imagine being able to manifest anything you ever wanted and know that it is possible, that you deserve it, you are worthy of it and that it is safe for you to have it. Imagine a life full of personal abundance. One of financial, emotional, physical and spiritual wealth. Now imagine that all of this is possible through the simple act of transforming the core of our beliefs. This is the insight of DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing.

Theta Healing/DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming is a healing arts modality developed by pioneering healing arts facilitator Vianna Stibal, which allows the practitioner to facilitate instant changes in a client’s DNA on a cellular level by transforming the core of their beliefs. These beliefs are held on four levels: Core Beliefs, Genetic Beliefs, History Beliefs and Soul Beliefs, and they effect the body physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually. Understanding how these multi-level belief systems affect the quality of our lives is at the core of what DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing is all about.

We Are What We Believe

Each of us creates everything in our lives. We draw to us people and experiences based on our belief systems. These beliefs function like computer programs, creating for us wealth or poverty, sickness or health, success or failure, loneliness or interconnectedness. Everything is our creation.

The beliefs we hold are almost entirely subconscious. Some beliefs are formed based on our experiences: We touch fire–it burns us. We then form the belief that fire burns–and this belief serves us, however not all beliefs serve us.

Perhaps we grow up in a home with two very financially successful parents, both of whom are unhappy. Based on this experience, by the age of four we decide that financial success makes people unhappy. Even a seemingly complex conclusion such as this can be subconsciously formed at a very early age. It is easy to see how a belief such as this would not serve us later in life, and could become the source of much conflict and ambivalence towards success and happiness. By the time we reach thirty or forty, this could ultimately lead to a failure to achieve the success we would have otherwise created in our lives. This is an example of a limiting belief, and a perfect example of how DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing can help.

DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta healing penetrates the root of limiting beliefs that do not serve us. For instance, in order for a person who believes that success equals unhappiness to be able to manifest and have abundance in their lives, we would need to first change their beliefs about financial success and unhappiness. We would need to reprogram this belief to reinforce that it is safe and good for a person to have financial success in their life and at the same time still be happy. We would also want to ensure that this person will attract the right person for them as their life partner, someone who will support their new belief and vision of having both financial success and happiness. It would require that they identify the necessary qualities in a partner that support this belief and that they develop strong boundaries and accountability in their life in order to maintain the integrity of their new belief and vision of their future.

Most of us walk around and are not even consciously aware of own beliefs. We may be walking around and carrying beliefs that do not even belong to us. These beliefs have been passed down through our parents and ancestors. These beliefs are then held on a genetic level and are passed down to us in our DNA. We are born with these beliefs, and we haven’t had a choice of getting rid of them until now with DNA/Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing.

Also we acquire beliefs from the collective consciousness, the groups and societies we live in, and from our history, our heritage. The majority of these are subconscious. But they run like computer programs, dictating our experiences and creating our lives. With DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing you can choose your beliefs and consciously create your life the way you want it to be. You can heal physical ailments, and reprogram yourself for abundance, success, love, happiness and anything else you can imagine. So…what will you create?

Quantum Physics And Our Reality

DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing is an amazing new set of techniques that allows you to quickly identify deeply held blocks and to reprogram the unconscious mind. It allows you to re-create your reality and hence choose the world you live in. This is achieved through changing – literally re-writing – your feelings and beliefs. This new healing paradigm is similar to downloading a new program on your computer. You can have anything you want. From being healthy, wealthy, happy, in a committed loving relationship, being 100% in your own power.

Have you ever wondered how you can want money, pray for money, follow the detailed instructions of various success gurus, read countless books on spiritual growth and self mastery and still not have enough money? Great books like Conversations with God teach us that it is our deepest, innermost beliefs that shape our world. The cutting edge spiritual view that our unconscious beliefs create our reality is now validated by quantum physics – a concept cleverly portrayed in many films such as What the Bleep Do We Know and The Secret.

It is beliefs, rather than simply luck, that sets apart people with amazing success, health and happiness. You can break down any successful person in any field of business, from celebrities, to sports stars, to huge real estate tycoons. The one common denominator is their belief system. They feel they deserve and are worthy to have what they have accomplished. They feel it is safe for them to have what they have accomplished. They also have the DNA blueprint to be able to attract it, hold it and keep it. They always have great passion for what they do, and therefore they are great at what they do.

How are your beliefs in yourself manifesting or not manifesting what you want in your life?

What passions do you have in your life that you are letting get away from you?

In the award winning book, The Self Aware Universe, by Amit Goswami, the author deftly illustrates how for many years scientists and philosophers have believed that matter was the fundamental building block of the universe, and that consciousness emerged from the right combinations of physical materials. Physicists have now determined that this is incorrect – that it is in fact consciousness that creates matter, and not the other way around. This book provides an excellent description of the emerging theories that physicists are now using to describe the fundamental nature of reality – which also provides a solid scientific foundation for how and why DNA/Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing works.

DNA Manifesting and Abundance Seminars are about working through your issues so you can resolve the beliefs that are holding you back in having your manifestation becoming a reality in your life and having abundance in your life. It is also assists you to clear out negative beliefs that manifest negative circumstances in your live. It supports what is known as the law of Attraction.

Consider that we have a man who believes that all human beings are rude, overbearing, demanding and angry. This man will find himself continually surrounded by rude, overbearing, demanding and angry people who want to argue, fight, control, or demand things from him in an overbearing manner. This only happens to him because they are his beliefs, his beliefs are like magnets and that is what he is attracting into his life.

If a Theta Practitioner were to work with someone who held this belief and to assist in changing this belief for him, say into one like, “people do the best they can,” then this person would start to have more compassion for others, and would likewise meet more compassionate, loving people. The Theta Practitioner would also find out why he feels that it serves him to only attract those types of negative people. Why does he hold these beliefs? The Theta Practitioner would dig deep to find out how those beliefs manifested originally. If the Theta Practitioner determined that this person felt it served him to have people in his life that were rude, overbearing, demanding, angry and demanded things from him in an overbearing manner because he was otherwise lazy and unmotivated in his life, often shunning his responsibilities, then the Theta Practitioner might work on finding out what is his passion in life, what motivates him, and to assist him in pursuing these passions so that he will avoid also feeling defeated and negative. The Theta Practitioner may have to work on very basic emotions of self worth, self esteem, deserving issues, then boundaries and accountability issues.

There’s much more to this of course, and your practitioner can show you how to “clean up” unresourceful beliefs like the ones above, so that you can begin to live a truly fulfilling life and manifest anything that you would want in your life. Manifesting and having Abundance is such a personal thing, and every person is unique in this process. This is why for some people if they read and follow directions in a book it works for them, and for others they can do just about anything and nothing works. That is until now, with DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing. DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing empowers you to create a life that you would love to have with ease and grace, no matter what your beliefs are. Everything you currently believe is able to be changed, and reprogrammed for whatever you want to achieve. DNA/Theta Core Belief Reprogramming is about training the Brain for success in manifesting and having abundance in your life, under all circumstances, whether it is regarding health, love or money.

Believing In Abundance

You may think that all people would like to have abundance in their lives. That simply isn’t true in most cases. It depends on their programming and belief systems. Have you ever met children of rich parents who hate their parents? Some of these people usually don’t work. Why, because it serves them to spend all of their parents money so they can get attention, even though it is a negative attention. This might be cute when they are young. However as they get older these lack of abundance doesn’t work for them anymore especially when there is no more money left. This is lack of abundance due to lack of love and positive empowering attention.

Thinking about a positive idea or belief is a great start. Films like “The Secret” and “What the Bleep do we Know,” help us to understand how our language and thoughts affect our reality. However, many times we will discover plateaus in using positive thinking and visualization. Why? Because underneath all that optimism lies a history of doubt and fear and eventually these “demons” resurface. How do we know? Because if we didn’t have all that inside us, we wouldn’t need to stand in the mirror in the morning saying ten times, “I love you. You’re a beautiful worthy person.” We wouldn’t have to remind ourselves to be loving and kind. Forgiveness would become obsolete when we realize there is nothing to be forgiven. We would simply know. And we would feel it in our hearts, and our lives would be a lovely testimony of our self-love and acceptance. And the people around us would reflect that love. This is the truth. You would no longer doubt yourself and your choices. You would simply be, as you are, in complete love and truth. Seem far off? Not so far.

The strange thing about films like ” “The Secret” and “What the Bleep do we Know,” and lot of self help books on getting rich, they don’t tell the person about certain emotions that stand in their way of manifesting and having abundance in their life. They don’t really discuss the emotions and thoughts that block them for being all that they can be, and manifesting and having all the abundance that they would like to have.

Theta Healing – DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming has revolutionized the way we work with the mind. Change doesn’t have to be hard, but this belief must be learned, and all beliefs must be held and supported by the subconscious mind. To be able to manifest and have abundance you must first have the dream and an intention of what you want to manifest. You must know what you want.

Do you know what you truly want to manifest in your life?

The Mind Body Bio Computer – Train the Brain

The brain is a biological computer of the body. It’s the organ that controls all the bodily functions, muscles, organs, glands, speech, systems, imagination thoughts etc. Scientists are increasing finding out that it controls much more than we are conscious of, that’s for sure. This bio-computer is made up countless cells and nerves that register every significant event in our lives.

DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing takes advantage of the powerful biological computer that is at the core of our lives. It understands that the brain can be trained for nearly anything, and that the key to achieving this is to change our beliefs. Think of the mind as “listening” to our thoughts, this “listening” is heard not only in a linguistic manner, but it is also “listening” to the emotion attached to those thoughts. Self limiting thinking of the brain is always emotional in structure, and linguistic in communication. Our stream of consciousness is full of limiting emotions. These limiting notions literally become our maps for life. The brain, our biological computer, then reinforces our thought process. We then live, act, think, and speak in accordance with our “self talk” of the brain, and there are times when our “self talk” provides the ultimate disservice, we lie to ourselves.

When we lie to ourselves, it’s known clinically as denial. Our mind uses some interesting and sophisticated mechanisms to deny. Sometimes we project our feelings on others, sometimes we believe the actions of others to have terrible motives that are really our own worst fears, thoughts, etc. The important point is this, is that every thought we have in our stream of consciousness has an accompanying emotion, and in order for us to enjoy the emotions that we have too little of, we must first relinquish the emotions that are counter productive to those emotions we desire. It is emotion that plays the dangerous tricks on the mind, and therefore not words or “self talk” of the brain that underlies the foundation of self limiting belief.

The Body Is A “Somatic Library”

The body-mind principle of Somatic Processing recognizes that the Body is a “Somatic Library” of emotions and beliefs, the energy and information of psycho-emotional experiences that have been imprinted instantaneously into the cells of specific body areas, organs and tissues. In effect, the body has an actual psycho-emotional anatomy. An extraordinary tapestry of structures, functions, emotions, memories, attitudes and beliefs – all intertwined, all affecting each other and manifesting in the final consequence, both on the physical plane of the person’s life, as well as the people, places and things they attract to them.

Changing our belief systems about the mind-body connection and its influence on health is an important step in fostering the ability for people to heal themselves, which is the only true and permanent healing. We now know there is a link between disease and retained emotion. All occurrences that affect our life are registered in our cellular matrix. For example, if you have a headache, depression, anger, back pain, chronic disease, pain or inflammation, your mind is telling your body and it is urging you to find and fix the cause or least get out of pain. Wen you reprogram the brain to heal, it will heal. This is demonstrated by countless success stories from those who have used Theta Healing to overcome even the worst life threatening illnesses. We all have had experiences in our lives that create anger, fear, unworthiness, non-deserving, low self-esteem, resentments, regrets and a feeling of being disconnected. Unless we address these unconstructive beliefs, we will carry these energies in our brain, body, heart and soul, ultimately creating illness and unhappiness. What most people don’t know is that to manifest all the negative things in their lives takes so much more energy than being in perfect rhythm with the universe and allowing great things to happen. It takes years and years of abusing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to manifest a disease. It just doesn’t happen over night. There are usually warning signs and red flags that a person ignores to get themselves sick.

Sometimes there are events that are traumatic (such as pain, illness, injury, grief, surgery, shock, trauma etc) – they may exert a lasting effect upon the rest of our life. That’s why we often hear people say: “Ever since such-and-such happened, I never have had a day of peace, comfort, good health or happiness”. People say this everyday and they don’t realize the true of the depth of that imprint on their brain and body. Additionally, every disease has a set of emotions and thought processes that pertain to that certain disease. The cells for every disease vibrate at a different frequency in the body. DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming makes changes on a cellular level and on a DNA level, that helps the body to heal.

What beliefs and blocks are you walking around with that are imprinted on your brain?

When Our Beliefs Become Harmful

Many times an ailment can be connected to core beliefs and genetic patterns in the cells. Theta healing can clear and transform these. Theta healing provides powerful tools for emotional healing as well. It provides a simple way to let go of beliefs that no longer serves you and embrace new beliefs that support your highest good.

What is Theta?

The term Theta is used in DNA/Theta Core Belief Reprogramming because the practitioner enters a Theta brainwave state when performing the technique. This has been verified by numerous experiments involving Theta Healing practitioners and scientists using EEG machines to prove that Theta practitioners are indeed achieving a Theta brainwave.

Theta Brain Wave 4-7 cycles per second. It is the state of meditation, intuition, creative thinking, recalling, fantasy, imagery, dreamlike, switching thoughts “oneness” and “knowing”, it also reduces pain, promotes euphoria and stimulates the endorphin release. Theta Brain Wave state occurs in everyone, just before waking up in the morning, it is the state when you start to remember your dreams and possibly when you are still in your dream and slowly coming out the dream. Theta Brain Wave is also when you just about fall asleep. There is amazing information given to you in this Brain Wave.

Before Vianna Stibal developed the Theta Healing technique, many believed that it took 20 or 30 years of meditative practice to achieve a Theta brainwave. But, using Vianna’s technique, practitioners can enter a Theta brainwave state in a matter of seconds. Because the Theta brainwave state creates a close connection with the creative source of the universe and a powerful ability to work with the subconscious, Theta Healing practitioners are able to connect with this energy and manifest immediate, dramatic physical changes in their clients, and to heal at the core quantum level of their being.

It is in this Theta Brain Wave where the beliefs are changed and downloaded into the person. The person is like a computer accepting the downloading of a new piece of software. The person gives their permission and allows the Practitioner to pull out the old beliefs on the 4 levels – Core Beliefs, Genetic Beliefs, History Beliefs and Soul Belief that no longer serves them.

The Power Of Theta Brain Waves

You wake up in the morning, still under the spell of your night’s dream, trying to memorize its details. For a moment, you are still able to hold on to that fantastic reality, feeling its texture and contour. You try not to move, not to blink, maybe it can continue… maybe you can consciously keep that experience alive. At the same time, part of you is waking up. You hear the dog barking outside, the neighbor starting the car and you sense the early morning sunrays sneaking through the curtains. It lasts for just a few seconds and then suddenly, it is all over. You are completely awake. The dream reality fades away, the memory becomes dull as if you have travelled a very long distance from it, while the contour of that landscape blurs and loses dimension. Finally, the visceral experience of the dream state completely fades away. During those precious moments between waking and sleeping your brainwaves were in theta.

Our brain produces electrical frequencies (measured by units of hertz – the number of cycles per second), which change according to the state we are in. During deep sleep, our brain produces very slow waves (delta), while during the time between waking and sleeping the brain produces slightly faster waves which are called theta (4-7 cycles per second). During meditation and deep relaxation, when we walk through a beautiful garden, breathe deeply and close our eyes, the brain broadcasts alpha waves (7-14) and when we are in full activity, focusing on our tasks, beta waves (14-28). A state of intensive learning is often regarded as high beta or sometimes referred to as gamma waves (up to 40 cycles per seconds). An optimal state is indicated by our ability to quickly shift from one frequency to another without effort. This ability ultimately means mental flexibility and good functioning capacity in all aspects of life.

The Theta Experience

Let’s go back for a moment to the theta brainwave. Our brain slows down to this frequency under several different circumstances, all of which allow us to access greater creativity and for lack of a better word, a more “elastic” reality. It grants us the possibility to experience reality more vividly, more multi-dimensionally. During the moments between wake and sleep, we can somehow experience a reality independent of physical laws, free of the earth-bound conditioning. For a moment, even though we are already awake, limited by our sensory perception, we can still sense a different reality where we posses almost superhuman powers. I remember a time in my life when I used to dream that I was weightless and I would float in slow motion, lifting off the ground and lightly touching the earth only to be lifted again. The feeling was so real, so visceral (and so wonderful) that upon waking, I was certain I had the power to continue doing that, only to be greatly disappointed the moment I opened my eyes and put my feet on the ground.

Consciously Creating Abundance

Ask yourselves why then, are we not spending much more time in this amazing state? Why are we not accessing its power on a regular basis? It surely seems that if we could slow our brainwaves to theta, we could manifest more easily, heal more effectively, create new things and bring into reality new visions, we could express our highest potential and maybe even change the world. It appears that we actually do spend quite a lot of time in this magnificent state, actually, every night. However, we seem to have little or no control over it. It seems that the slower the brainwave, the more difficult it is for us to access it consciously. The conscious mind, by the mere fact of being conscious, cancels out the slow frequency states. The conscious mind observes reality through the five senses and becomes trapped by their limited perception of what is possible. We know that it is possible to train the mind to slow down. Through the experimental biofeedback technique, a group of alcoholics were trained during 15 separate sessions to slow their brainwave to alpha and theta. The experiment was conducted with two control groups, and the results were very promising, indicating a substantial preference for this kind of treatment with long-range positive outcomes. But who has the money or access to these kinds of treatments?

Healing Through Theta

Can you imagine all the possible uses of this amazing brainwave? For example, much of the research done on spontaneous cures of cancer indicated that almost in all cases, patients experienced a dramatic shift in awareness prior to the appearance of the cure as if they just ‘knew’ that they were going to be healed and felt connected to a source other than themselves.

Vianna understood that one of the theta brainwave’s functions was healing. According to her revelation, once she projected her consciousness above her space and called upon the Creator, her brainwaves slowed down to a theta state in less than 30 seconds and she then was able to witness miraculous things happen. The Creator was doing the healing but she had to witness it in order for it to manifest in the physical dimension. Until it is witnessed, it remains in the field of potentiality. Once we can ‘see’ the healing unfolding and ‘know’ that it is done, it can happen. In the 4-7 cycles per second frequency the mind is able to access limitless possibilities outside the realm of the sensory perception.

Curing Cancer and Blindness?

What if someone told you the chronic pain you’re living with could go away within the hour? Or that you could heal even the most dreaded of illnesses such as cancer? Stories of such profound healings are increasing being heard from a host of people who have sought DNA/Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing, and these people, they say, are the very proof it works. Some say they have experienced instant relief from ailments that have plagued them for years. Other belief the depth of their healing can only be described as a miracle.

Using the advance techniques of DNA Theta Core Belief Reprogramming and Theta Healing practitioners have treated countless patients for all forms of advanced illnessess. Many would be amazed and would challenge their belief systems by some of the successes they have experienced with Theta Healing.

Limitless Possibilities of Abundance

There are limitless possibilities for abundance in our lives. Using these new cutting edge techniques, our intuitive capacity increases, the ability to ‘see’ and to ‘hear’ outside the boundaries of the physical senses expands, and we can shift our limited perception of reality. Everyone can do it. We train our brains to awaken a latent ability and direct our senses to believe in unlimited possibilities. Actually we rewire our brains to tune into a more real reality, one that is more aligned with Truth. All we need is a belief in a higher power and a desire to find and express our fullest capacity as human beings. We must strive for more; we must believe that we have powers greater than what science, medicine, or any other authority claims we have. The more we exercise our multi-dimensional vision of reality, the more we can express a higher potential for humanity.

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