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Elizabeth J Dabrowski asked:

P.S. In memory of one little boy…

Healing is the most amazing concept I’ve ever come across. It’s the biggest gift we may have, and also the biggest gift we can share with others.
And I’m so passionate about it that I get quite emotional when discussing the subject.

I met a few real good healers in my life and I’m happy to admit that I was astounded by their results. I read many books on this subject, only to become even more fascinated.

But what absolutely throws my understanding away and gets me over emotional, is the fact that they charge for the gift. And they charge A LOT!

I was going to a healer myself and he was excellent. After leaving many thousands of dollars with him in the space of few months, when my financial situation suddenly changed, I told him that I would have to stop as I couldn’t afford his services any more.

Probably deep inside I was expecting him to continue our healing sessions for free, especially because the results were obvious and I already paid him so much, but he simply told me to borrow more money if I wanted to keep coming to him.

Once I was invited to a healing session, where a group of people was trying to promote Theta healing method and sell as many memberships as possible. They were claiming it was curing cancer and other serious illnesses.

Great, but only if you could afford the ridiculous amount of money they wanted to charge! Even not being personally interested, I remember leaving the session earlier because I couldn’t stand the fact how much they dared to charge.

One of the books I read on healing really caused very mixed emotions in me. The author was describing her journey to become a healer; she prayed to heal like Jesus, and finally she was able to start healing others. She admitted that in the beginnings she had issues with charging, but with time she understood(?!) why it was okay to take money for it. I couldn’t wait to find out why, but somehow she didn’t explain the fact at all. So I still wonder, even more, because from what we know Jesus didn’t charge at all, and then I went on her website only to find out that on average few distant sessions with her cost about $6,500.

So is healing only for the well off people? Is that the idea? I honestly will never believe it!

I know people who are very ill, some of them dying. I know about one little boy who has leukemia and it’s such a shame and pity that his parents wouldn’t be able to afford the healer I was going to. But really, the biggest shame and pity is that he charges so much, that a lot of people he could help, will never see him.

What is the price for a human life then? How come there’s a price for human life?

I don’t intend to even touch on the subject of conventional medicine and health system here, because I have a very little respect for it and charging absurd amounts of money for healing upsets me much more.

About a year ago, a friend of mine told me about Bruno Groening and his Circle of Friends. If you want to re establish your belief in humanity, go to the website; it’s all for free, and he also healed for no charge. Still, he wasn’t poor, but he was unconcerned with money. Isn’t it great? And I don’t think Jesus was a poor man neither.

I would presume that people with the gift of healing have much better understanding of the Universe because they heal using cosmic/divine energy. Why then do they have the perception of scarcity, not trusting that The Universe will deliver their financial rewards and that the only way to secure their financial existence is by charging ‘an arm and a leg’ for a gift they themselves didn’t pay for? Have they lost the plot completely?

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