A Radical Approach to Self-Healing

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P. Sidney Parker asked:

Webster defines radical as: of, relating to, or proceeding from a root: as a (1): of or growing from the root of a plant (2): growing from the base of a stem, from a rootlike stem,

Radical Self-Healing is about going to the source of your anxiety and stress. The source I am speaking of is not the external cause of anxiety or stress, but the internal cause. The contents of this article are as much about maintaining wellness as they are about self-healing and getting well.

Although very often a mental or physical condition gets to the point professional health-care is necessary, getting to that point can be avoided by regularly making self adjustments or self attunements; increasing resistance to those external forces that cause dis-ease.

A radical approach to self-healing is holistic; involving the spirit, mind, and the body. Whatever affects the Spirit affects the mind and the body. Whatever affects the Mind affects the spirit and the body. Whatever affects the Body affects the spirit and the mind. All are interconnected and interrelated.

The following are what I consider important considerations for radical self healing.

Tend to Your Spiritual Nature

Your spirit is where it all begins; it is our root in this life. So recognize your spiritual nature, its primal first cause energy. Know that, by way of this energy, you are connected, with all life. Meditate and root yourself in the now; creating a radical experience. When you meditate do not try emptying your mind; let the thoughts flow, and then let them go. Each thought is only there for that moment.

Appreciate whatever you have, while you have it. When it is gone, grieve only for a moment then release it to make room for what is to come. When it comes see it as part of a cycle, not as a part of you; treat is as an experience that must yield to another experience. As each experience passes, be thankful for it.

Be thankful for your health, your family, your home, your friends; approach them all with joy and the joy will be returned. Think of yourself as the custodian of those things that come into your sphere of influence. When you have a bit more than you need for that moment, find a way to share.

Be Mindful of Your Emotional Self

Live in the now

Be intentionally present; let go of past, it is gone forever. The moments you are producing now are where your energies should be. Produce wonderful “nows.” Don’t fear or in any way anticipate the future. Visualize what you want to achieve, and then work each moment for its manifestation. Understand that the outcome may not be what you expected, and that it may be what you need. Take it–learn from it–then move on.


Relax and renew yourself. Take time to experience the beauty around you and within you; indulge your senses. There are many ways of accomplishing this; I have listed a few here;

Sit in a bath of warm water while listening to the sounds of nature, if you are not in an area where these sounds are naturally present use a tape or CD. If natural sounds don’t soothe you listen to soft melodic music. The idea is to ease your mind. Spend time on a quiet beach listening to the sound of the Ocean. Watch the waves break on the shore. Look out at the horizon, not to see anything but where the sea meets the sky. Take deep breaths of the salt air. Treat yourself to a full body Swedish type of massage
Learn to forgive, and let go

Being judgmental, holding grudges, and harboring animosity are extremely toxic not only to the psyche but the stress can cause physical damage as well.

Forgive yourself of all of your perceived faults and imperfections. Work always to perfect your state of being; learn from your mistakes; note your strengths and play to them.

Forgive all those people who may have done an injustice to you or someone close to you, Forgive those who have in any way offended your sensibilities. Let go of the bad feelings, make room for the good you can be doing. Send out positive thoughts for the spiritual healing of those who do harm to others.

Detoxify yourself. Relieve yourself of the burden. Allow yourself peace!

Reconnect with Your Physical Nature

We are without a doubt a part of nature, an integral part. Nature is a part us, it is us; without it we would not exist. Much of the technological achievements we enjoy, facilitate a disconnection with nature, muting our power source. We can reconnect by committing simple acts; lying on the ground and taking notice of how it feels and allowing the earth’s energy to pulsate through us. Look up at the sky allowing your eyes to bathe in its blueness, or even its grayness, but its blueness is more soothing. Allow the sun to radiate its energy and warm your body, while intentionally soaking in its energy. Notice all of the creatures around you, the ants, the bees, the birds; remind yourself that they share the same life force as you do.

Exercise your body

Keep your muscles toned, and your joints loose. Stretch regularly. Keep your body active; walk as much as you can. Move it, move it. Get your heart rate up, break a sweat.

Eat to live

Eat primarily for your body’s sake, let enjoyment be secondary. Eat several small meals throughout the day. Don’t consume more calories than you burn. Pay attention to what your body is saying; it does not lie!

Give service to others

In order to give service to others you must first love yourself. The first and most important step in serving others is to connect with them in love; this is when you begin understanding what their needs are. Smile at those you come into contact with, give them words of encouragement.

Do real acts of kindness. Reach out to those in need.

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