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Suzanne McPherson asked:

Are you a light worker? Are you one of those people that are channeling, but cannot feel the energy? Are you tired of people telling you to just wait, and it will come? Do you think changing to a different modality will be better for you? Well, here is some help to get things going for you.

There are many different healing modalities in the world. Some are more popular then others, not so much because of their usefulness, but rather because of where in the world most of that particular work is going on. Keeping in mind that many `hands on healing’ methods are from the `east,’ until someone brings them to the `west,’ you simply aren’t going to be exposed to them.

Some modalities require attunements to get the energy flowing, others simply get better with practice. Whether you are applying a method that is ‘organized,’ or are enjoying a practice of healing that you are experimenting with on your own, you are doing what is best for you at the time. Frustration commonly rears its head when the flow of the energy is not physically felt by the practitioner. This a common complaint so don’t feel alone with this.

When energy is not felt by the channeler, we sometimes think we cannot channel. You’ve had your attunement by a master and although others in the class have wonderful stories to tell, you find yourself alone in what you may interpret as, your lacking. First of all let’s clear things up regarding channeling and what is happening. Everyone can channel, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can feel the energy flowing. If you cannot identify the physical feeling, you may find that working with someone who has a major physical injury, is the environment for you, at this time. Participating in a healing with someone that has recently had surgery is also a good candidate. Not only can you help this person, but they can also help you.

The injured person will naturally be pulling energy and you are the perfect empty vessel to come forth and participate. Because of this strong need for healing, your hands will help to direct the energy. The chances are very good that you will both be aware of what is going on, simply by the tingling, or heat, or cold in your hands and the difference they may feel in their body. Be patient with yourself, this may take a little time, but well worth it for you and the individual seeking help.

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