Sound Healing: 396Hz/528Hz solfeggio Meditation – Part 2

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AsheraHart asked:

A sound healing therapy meditation from my “Activate your DNA” Zobet/solfeggio workshop using two crystal bowls tuned to 396Hz (“Ut) and 528Hz (“Mi” – Miracle frequency) that focuses on clearing fear from the body which starts at the kidneys (the organ related to fear) and then moves through the whole body using your voice, yogic breathing, colour and guided visualisation to free yourself from an old way of being so fear no longer rules your life! The 396Hz solfeggio sound therapy vibration is also very good for grounding and tuning your body’s merkabah (energy field) to the earth’s natural vibration. Part 2 features the 528Hz Love and “MIracle” solfeggio frequency which is good for activating/repairing DNA and healing past trauma/injury/illness and by toning “Ah” it’s good for awakening your heart to the heart of our creator (God/Goddess/spirit/All that is or whatever you want to call it) and activating the divinity within us all. The 528Hz is quite high for most men so I pitch it with my voice an octave lower for you. Do a daily practice of this for 30 days and see how you feel! Please leave feedback here as I’d like to know how you get on meditating with these amazing sound therapy solfeggio frequencies. For details on workshops/talks/guided sound healing therapy solfeggio meditations in London, UK and internationally, please go to for more info. This is a Sonic Research International sound therapy solfeggio meditation offered to you free to assist

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