Solfeggio Sound Healing – Tuning in with 2012

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AsheraHart asked:

More than ever there is a need for us to get more in tune with the shift that’s currently occurring on the planet. Sound healing with the frequencies of the solfeggio is a great way of bypassing the politics of the mind and tuning your body, mind and spirit in and once your body feels more fully and you can connect with a deeper sensation of unity and peace on all levels, then the mind can let go and surrender to that unity and the deep human need to feel at home, at one with all! In short the solfeggio are great tools for your ascension/awakening as they help tune you in to the blueprint of the Universe! The sound healing audio that I have created called “The Unity Codes” features the full spectrum of Zobet/solfeggio frequencies (not 6, not 9 but all of them!) that help the body get back in tune, not only via a deeply relaxing and meditative Theta brainwave state which is great for boosting your creativity, your immune system, enhancing visualisation, dream recall, problem-solving, transforming limiting beliefs, etc but it’s also a great way of helping you connect with your divinity because 111 is a divine number based on sacred mathematics. It also helps the body tune in and remember it’s part of nature tuning the Phi ratio of the body from the bones in your whole skeleton right down to the DNA and unifying the microcosm of the body to the macrocosm, ie tuning you in as part of the whole so instead of the idea “We are One” just being a concept, it can instead be felt in

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