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If you know about Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance or if are interested in getting rid of your barriers to plenty, then you’ll probably plan to attend this unique energy clearing meeting to aid you get rid of these blockages. The Christie Marie Sheldon Unblock Your Abundance 2015 event is available for a limited time only and Abundance Blocks master, Christie Marie is opening her doors to you, to experience this energy clearing session at no cost.

Unlimited Abundance program is a training program led by Christie Marie Sheldon, an intuitive healer for 15 years. The program works by aiming at the ‘abundance frequency’ that is the principal source of energy in the human psyche. Once tapped into this energy field utilizing personal tools, exercises and methods, all barriers or abundance blocks that hold one down and prevent him/her from becoming a success, creative and wealthy are removed. The purpose of the program is creating a mind shift that will permit possibilities and lucks to follow through and help you achieve limitless positivity and remove all barriers to goodness, wealth and life.

Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive healer and energetic coach. She hooks up to the beyond to shift, change, and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over ten thousand clients and talks about these talents on the Radio and in Seminars Christie Marie Sheldon has done a study on energy scale. Things like guilt, apathy, despair and fear measure 30, 50 75 and 100 respectively.

Christie Marie Sheldon is much like an energy weaving magician: she conducts her session by sucking out and then moving clients’ life force around. Her usual entry point is on the neck slightly under and behind the ear.

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