Healing Codes Lt3. What Is It, How Much It Costs And Why You Should Do Or Shouldn’t Do It

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Healing Codes LT3. What is it, how much it costs and why you should do or shouldn’t do it.

Finally I got up the courage and called for the price of the LT3. Which makes it obvious: I haven’t done this program, and chances are I won’t. I don’t have $2,500 and I don’t think I need it, given that I have my own “hotline” to the same source he uses. I also teach people to connect to the same source, effectively. But that is neither here or there… here is the info everyone wants to know. Of course, most of what I am writing about the content is my educated guess.

It is a 5-week program with two elements:

  1. information on health and success by Dr. Alex himself. Dr Alex is very connected, so what he teaches is not some second-hand knowledge, it’s (I believe) comes directly from the God of your understanding.

    Of course, the answers he gets are the answers to his living-in-the-world persona and from his students, but even with that, the answers he gets are original.

    If there were a course, just those teleseminars, I would be really interested.

  2. Individual sessions with Dr Alex Loyd. According to the person I learned this from, you get “custom codes” form Dr. Alex that you need to use daily. The “custom codes” look like, taste like the “standard” codes that you get from the Healing Codes manual, but they are customized to your vibration.

If I am any indication how this works, Dr. Alex gets those codes directly from Source. (Source is my name to what you call God. I sometimes call it The Creator as well.)

Dr. Alex, just like me, feels the healing center light up in a certain sequence and then he tells you or writes it down.

I will experiment with that, I wonder if I can pull it off. We’ll see, and I’ll let you know. It sounds like an experiment I would enjoy.

The custom codes work on your entire being, including your mental blockages, your personality blockages, etc.

The cost for the 5-week program is $2,500.

What are you paying for?

This is my educated guess: you are paying for the 1-on-1 attention and you are paying for the privilege to piggyback on Dr. Alex’s strong connection to Source.

When I used to do an activator download, before I knew how to teach my students to connect themselves, the feedback I got was that they got the result from what I did, but when they tried to do it themselves, it was flat, it had no dimension, it was hollow.

At the time the distinction “being connected” didn’t exist, but their feedback clarified it for me.

When they get something, an activator download, a Healing Codes code, they get it on all levels, including genetic, subconscious, soul and the conscious. Their children and their children’s children get it. Their parents and siblings get it. It is nothing short of a miracle.

But when they do it themselves, without a connection, either mine or their own, the darned thing doesn’t do anything significant. And even when it does, it is limited to stress release. The beliefs don’t change… the cellular structure, the DNA, the genetic code don’t change. The subconscious won’t change. Your Karma won’t change. Your environment (parents, children, siblings) won’t change.

But when you do it connected, it works, and it looks like magic.

This is what you pay for in the LT3. You are paying for Dr. Alex Loyd’s connection to Source.

Is it worth $2,500?

If you have a serious illness, if you have a lot of blockages, then I think it does.

If you have no other means to connect to Source and cause those changes, then I would say it is worth it.

On the other hand you can learn to connect yourself, and save yourself a bundle.

You can use the Healing Codes, the standard codes, while you are connected, and get the same results, I promise you. I’ve done it, though haven’t tested it on other people.

If you would like to become a tester for me on this, please let me know. ((here are two resources: http://healingheartissues.com/what-is-lt3 and https://www.yourvibration.com ))

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9 thoughts on “Healing Codes Lt3. What Is It, How Much It Costs And Why You Should Do Or Shouldn’t Do It”

  1. I have been using the healing codes. I am interested in LT3, but don’t seem to have the money. Are you still looking for “testers”?

  2. I would like to be a tester. I have used the healing codes for several years and have had some positive results. I would like to be able to help others in this field too.
    Thanks for considering,

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