A coach’s encouragement to do the Healing Codes

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Have a read of the article below… we are sure you will find it dots all the ‘i’s’, and crosses all the ‘t’s’. On our site we strive to provide the most up-to-date information. Remember that you read it here first, and please tell your friends.I would like to offer a word of encouragement to anyone who hasn’t seen the dramatic results they were expecting or desiring from using The Healing Codes. Please stick with it.

I have been doing The Healing Codes for about 4 years now. I had so many issues when I started that I didn’t even know where to begin. I will have to say that a couple of my most important issues still have not been resolved completely. If I had been counting on these things healing in the same manner as in so many testimonials, I would probably have stopped doing The Healing Codes. Thank God I stuck with it.

I have written testimonials for many issues that have healed over the past four years, and I would have missed out on all of these things. I can’t even begin to tell you what a different person I am from the inside out.
Every day is filled with peace and joy, and my physical body doesn’t even resemble what it was when I started. Some of the things were subtle, some things were more noticeable when I did The Healing Codes.

All that I can say is that The Healing Codes have been like a miracle to me in all aspects of my life. Much of it has happened slowly but surely. I make a point to notice all the little things that have accumulated to give me an overall sense of well-being and peace. I did not have that feeling four years ago.

~~ Teri Rose

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The Healing Codes… Do Custom Codes Work?

If you would like to know more about the subject – then you will want to read this article. It includes plenty of information about this subject that is sure to help you better understand the ins and outs that seem to confuse most people. It really does not have to be difficult to understand.

The information that follows is one way to look at this information, and after reading the article you are free to form your own opinion. Whether or not you agree with the subject matter is up to you, and you are certainly free to make up your own mind about the material presented here.I have been asked this question and asked it myself… how and why do custom codes work with the healing codes better than regular codes.

I was especially curious and also suspicious: there are about 30 HC coaches that this is their main training… they pay a pretty penny for their training. But does it work?

I got my first custom code about 2 years ago… and maybe because I didn’t believe it can work, I used it only a few times.

I got my second custom code a year ago… it was to deal with a muscle/joint pain. This time I was face to face with the HC coach, and received my code scribbled on a yellow pad…

That night I used it once and the pain simply disappeared. Amazing.

Two weeks ago I had an impossible task… and my “little voice” was screaming: “You can’t do it… you better just go and kill yourself!”

Now, it is not a common knowledge, but joint/muscle pain and this “I can’t do it” come from the same place. I did the custom code for 4 whole minutes. The little voice “shut up” and I aced the task… and my life will never be the same.

When you buy the healing codes home study course, it comes with 4~8 coaching sessions and that means 4~8 custome codes. They are each worth the price of the package. Go get it. And please don’t make the same mistakes I made… I have tested this for you, it works. Guaranteed.I hope this article has given you new insight on the subject and given you some things to think about. Although there is nothing new under the sun, the information that you have just finished reading is presented in a fresh and interesting way.

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