All marketers are liars. The likely story… that likely happened but not really

I have been muscle testing, diligently, if the stories that sell products, courses, software, are facts or made-up likely stories. A likely story is a lie. We, marketers, are taught: facts tell, but stories sell. And so every sales letter … Continue reading →

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A person can do well without doing good… but where is the spice of life?


Back in 1988 I declared that my life was going to be NOT about my life but about others… And that was the beginning of my REAL life… This article is bulls eye, both in what it says and when … Continue reading

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A new lease on life… Or how I got, unexpectedly, what joy is

joy of living

Last night I had a conversation with myself and Source. As I shared in my previous post, I have lived my whole life based on an untrue assumption that I was living on borrowed time, and at any time it … Continue reading

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A man of understanding never thinks, he simply looks at the fact. The very look reveals

Osho 1

I have been looking at Osho. And I just ran out of new things to read, I opened the Mustard Seed talks at exactly this place. All those that have come before me with the lofty goal to return Man … Continue reading

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A harder look at Gary Douglas and Access Consciousness… Scam? cult?

There are things worse than being scammed. Being scammed leaves you with less money, with less time, but what is worse than that is if you participate with Access Consciousness… You’ll be left with an energetic attachment, like a spigot, … Continue reading →

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A good method to find yourself and know yourself… your core

I often catch myself stingy… if that is really what the beingness is Some 30 years ago I started a magazine. I didn’t want to put my own picture in the magazine, so I put a woman’s picture there who … Continue reading →

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A breakthrough in raising my level of consciousness


I just had a breakthrough… I have been teaching you how to raise your consciousness, your level of consciousness, by allowing something or someone guide you to look at things beyond where you always look, and differently than you have … Continue reading

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No energy? Likely you are Twitchy Little Bastard… A Marshmallow eater…

This morning I am running on fumes… (or how to increase your Twitchy Little Bastard score) Some activities fill you up, some activities drain your energy. One of the most important capacities one can develop is to tell the difference… … Continue reading →

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Heroism vs. incremental process: choosing will choose your life for you

you are fine until it is time to bring in the troops

I just read an article on our mindset, collective mindset, where you wait until something goes really wrong and then you seek out help. It’s here in pdf form… for your convenience. incremental-medicine This is the mindset in every area … Continue reading →

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The newest measure to predict your future success… this one is like a ladder

Every human is moved by their emotions and feelings plus thoughts: words, ideas, concepts. In this order. The motive power, the stimulus to act comes from the feelings. The words, ideas, concepts only modify them, or direct the actions. Without … Continue reading

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