Another role of negative emotions is…

I talked about negative emotions as early warning signals. But negative emotions have another function: they are placeholders, reminders of unfinished business. We go through life, and sustain injuries to our bodies, our self-esteem, our pride. All or us. And … Continue reading

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If you have a problem keeping your word… Consistently

the-biggest-lieKeeping your word, especially the word that you gave to yourself is a big issue… This article is digging deep for the causes and the solutions.

I am removing people from my Reclaim program, left and right, for inactivity. If you don’t have at least one written coaching conversation with me a week, you are put on the “to be removed” list. Why? Because if you are not doing the work you shouldn’t be in the program.

If you are not coming for the coaching… then I have a good idea how your life looks.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

This was probably one of the most shocking things I learned in self-development, right up there with “you think you see everything, but you only see what you have already seen”.

Both insights were upsetting, and started to break up the world-view, the mythical, magical world view, that “I can do anything I put my mind to.”
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