Deep Meditation Tracks and Their Uses

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Trevor Johnson asked:

Deep meditation tracks are really helpful. Music facilitates and increases the level of concentration in meditation. One example is the Tibetan singing bowl whose music is well known for having healing properties. Moreover it supports you when meditating deeply. The music is available as a download if you want.

For meditation that goes really deep there are also music tracks with Tibetan chanting and accompanying alpha waves. These tracks act as a catalyst for your brain in this kind of meditation. Tibetan chanting alone is believed to produce alpha waves which help you to become a deep meditator. The tracks to look out for are Alpha Monks, Monks’n Mahler, Monks In Moonlight, Nirvanian Monk, Invocations by Rinpoche, Violin and Chanting Monks and Heavenly Earth Monks.

There are other tracks with alpha impulses such as Alpha gamma impulses, ocean of alpha waves, Alpha River, running alpha I, running alpha II and power alpha.

Some album names to look out for include “Living meditation: guided meditations with David Harshada Wagner”, “idgeridoo & Tibetan singing bowl” and the Indian classical by flute maestro V. K Raman.

“Earth Leaves Meditations” is an album for this kind of meditation composed by a sixty year old man. The tracks will enable you to reach the theta state in meditation.

Elevation is the album of meditation music by Sherwin Gardner. His other such albums are Who Am I and Learning. Other albums include Music for Deep Meditation and chanting OM. Audio books are also available for you to use. One is “Deep meditation: the easiest way to meditate” by Kelly Howell.

Another album name is “Binaural Theta meditation” presented by Theta healing LA. The uniqueness of this album is such that you are recommended to listen with headphones which will help to attain deep states of meditation and well-being with the enhancement of theta brainwaves.

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