Holistic Therapy For Emotional Healing – Spiritual Meditation

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Jeanine Byers Hoag asked:

In the first part of this article series, I suggested energy healing techniques as the best way to heal emotional wounds because it works at the cellular level and helps with the emotional clearing of unresolved memories, painful feelings and limiting beliefs. In that article, I gave you several essential oils you can use for healing emotional wounds.

This article will offer healing meditation as a technique for emotional clearing.

Benefits of Meditation

1) Meditation helps you relax and deepen your breathing. It strengthens the mind-body connection and can help you deepen spiritual awareness and connection, as well.

2) Meditation helps you know yourself more intimately, becoming more aware of who you are at a deep level. It also can help you identify what needs healing or change in your life.

3) It also can increase self-esteem, and help you think more clearly and improve your ability to focus.

4) Meditation can help you heal. According to Belleruth Naparstek, psychotherapist, “trauma lives in the right side of the brain” and thus is best healed by right-brain activity. This makes meditation and guided imagery ideal for healing trauma.

Because our feelings also are stored in the right side of the brain, meditation is ideal for emotional healing, in general.

Grounding Meditation

“Have you ever been nervous before a speaking engagement, irritable after a sleepless night, or felt nauseous or hot after an argument? If so, you were probably not grounded. When we are ungrounded, we become nervous, easily irritable, or even nauseous.” -Sarah Wood Vallely, Sensational Meditation for Children

One easy way to get started with meditation is with simple grounding meditations.

When you focus on centering or grounding yourself, you then can let go of stressful or painful feelings like anxiety or irritability or tension. In meditation, when you experience letting go, you actually release the energy from your body.

Creating Your Own Meditation

With any meditation, you want to engage all of your senses, focusing on what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you smell and maybe even what you can taste.

For a grounding meditation, you need at least two things: rootedness and release, but I also would add the element of healing.

First, include earth-centered imagery that suggests rootedness, like having roots grow from the bottom of your feet into the ground. Next, you might breathe in and out deeply and imagine having healing energy fill you.

And then imagine some form of release, like having your stress flow out of your feet and into the ground. When I create a healing meditation, I also usually imagine that whatever has been healed becomes absorbed into love.

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